Structural Tubing


Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are finding growing opportunities as the material of choice for construction applications where contemporary architectural designs are desired. Their over- all high strength to weight ratios also make these profiles economical to fabricate, transport and finish while providing the minimal amount of interior intrusion to a project or structure where maximizing useable square footage is a concern. At Vest, we carry a substantial inventory with the largest range of Round, Square and Rectangular shapes available in a single location in the Western United States. Additionally our production cycles assure you that the most popular profiles are rolled to order on a monthly basis.

Presently Vest is capable of offering HSS rolled to ASTM-A-500 Grades B and C in sizes from 1 ½” square up to 10” square and rectangular shapes from 2” x 3” up to 14” x 6”. These shapes are available in .120” , .188”, .250”, .312”, .375” and .500” nominal wall thicknesses.

We also produce HSS in standard pipe sizes from 2 ½” up to 6” in Schedules 10, 40 and 80 as well as standard fractional inch thicknesses.

In areas where seismic activities are likely HSS is making inroads with the newly developed specification, ASTM-A-1085. This product differentiates from the more established ASTM-A-500 spec by providing a higher mass content as well as higher minimum tensile with restricted maximum yields. Additionally, Charpy tests provide assurance that strength will not be compromised in extreme weather conditions.

Vest quality assurance provides all parties in the value chain security in the knowledge that production lot is tested to ensure weld integrity meets the expectations of the fabricator, erector, and ultimate owner of the project were our tubes are integral to a safe structure. Large profiles are also monitored with laser enhanced photography and the data stored with corresponding data marked on each tube so an inspector may view the actual production of each tube used in his project to provide confidence that the structural properties are present.

Mill Test Reports (MTR’s) are always provided at time of material delivery and additional copies can also be retrieved from our perpetual library. Consequently HSS is an ideal choice for open spaced construction like airports, stadiums and shopping malls, to name a few. Their profiles also make excellent roof support columns for concrete tilt buildings and parking structures. In smaller shapes they are excellent for providing mechanical support for farm machinery, automotive and truck drive components and hoist and lift applications.